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7 Jan 2010

7 Amazing Natural Phenomenon

KapanLagi.com - In addition to natural beauty, it was a lot of places have incredible uniqueness. Genesis of this unique nature can be found only in certain regions, even in some cases, a particular moment. If you happen to travel to the area why do not you prepare the right time, who knows you have chance to come face to face with this unique and can relate more to the world

Storm Lasting - Venezuela

"Rel√°mpago del Catatumbo" (Thunder Catatumbo) is a unique phenomenon that occurs at the mouth of the river Catatumbo in Venezuela. This phenomenon is there between cloud lightning that can happen almost 160 days in 1 year, and every day dapet lasted 10 hours, and every hour may occur bolt 280 times. The storm is almost eternal causes approximately 1.2 million times a bolt in one year, and can be seen up to 400 km away, which is sometimes used as visual navigation aids by a sailing ship.

Rain Fish - Honduras

This rain occurs usually in around May and July, typically, witnesses described a dark cloud that followed the lightning, and then storms and high winds and heavy rains for two or three hours. Once the rain stopped, hundreds of fish will be found in the mainland. The fish is then cooked and eaten as usual. Since 1998, there was a festival called "Festival de la Lluvia de Peces" (Rain of Fish Festival), performed every year in the city of Yoro, Honduras.

Goat climbers - Morocco

This phenomenon will not you can be found in other regions, except Morocco. These goats climb trees because they like the argan tree, similar to Olive. Goat breeders follow the goat, not because of strange, but because of argan fruit contains seeds that can not be digested by goats, and collected by the farmers of goat dung. These seeds can be processed into argan oil used in cooking and cosmetics.

Red Rain of Kerala - India

red color and make clothes that looked like dried blood bleeding. The rain is sometimes green or yellow, even black. These colors result from the existence of algae spores carried by wind at the time of the formation of rain.

Longest Waves in the World - Brazil

Two times a year, between February and March, water from the Atlantic Ocean will lead to the Amazon River, Brazil, and made waves longest in history. Pororoca phenomenon called this happens during high tide from the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the river meet. This makes the wave that stands 12 feet tall and can hold up to half an hour!
Waves as high as that of course is very popular among surfers, and bring Picuruta Salazar, a surfer from Brazil to carve a successful world record as far as 12.5 km to surf for 37 minutes. But the waves are dangerous because of his tendency to sometimes destructive and sometimes bring a tree full of success in the pull from the ground by the force of waves.

Black sun - Danish

During the Danish summer, tau approximately half an hour before sunset, tail millions of insects called Starling (sturnis Vulgaris) merged and formed up 'fighters' beautiful as you can see in the picture. This battle formation phenomenon can be seen in the marshes of the Danish West from March until the middle of April.

Fire rainbow Idaho - United States

The phenomenon of the rainbow is generally shaped like a circle, while the fire rainbow is formed when the sun was in high positions, higher than 58 degrees from the horizon line. When the light through the high cirrus clouds, this cloud sometimes be able to show that light-solving process to form a similar phenomenon with the rainbow.



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