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17 Jan 2010

Overcome Depression

Banana peel has turned out great benefit from the results of research in which the substance serotonin found very effective to prevent and treat depression and stress disorders.

Classified banana fruit like many people, besides the delicious taste of banana fruit can also be in if a variety of foods. Based on a variety of research, experts are finding that once-rich bananas for vitamin B6, but it also contained therein minerals, carbohydrates, fiber, protein and fat. Therefore, when people just consume bananas alone, had fulfilled the minimum nutritional needs.

Besides the fruit, banana peels contain serotonin, a type of substance that is very useful to balance the mood of a person's body. Content of other substances in the banana skin is also believed to be able to protect the retina from damage caused by the regeneration of the retina. So that the banana peel extract would be very useful in overcoming problems pengllihatan disorders.

To overcome depression, a banana peel can be consumed in a way in and then boiled in drinking water can be rebusannya or make juice for food several times a week. The effect of serotonin contained substances will make a person feel calm and comfortable so that someone will be more resistant to stress and depression disorders.


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