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7 Jan 2010

Angelina Jolie Wanna be Cemetery Board

If fail to be an actress, Angelina Jolie may now have become the funeral home as he wanted when he was 14 years old. Yes, the actress is indeed a serious chance to become a funeral because he felt he could make a funeral more sacred.

"Yes, when I was young, I had time to attend the funeral and I felt that the ceremony could be made into a beautiful event to commemorate the life times of late," Angelina Jolie says, laughing.

Angelina is not playing because then he could follow the long-distance courses to become an undertaker and left school at the time acting practiced.

"I'm sure if I can make the funeral a better, so I followed the course when I was 14 years old. My long-distance courses, "said Angelina as quoted from Splash News.
That said, when Angelina was still enthusiastic about the undertaker of this, he always wore black clothes and dyed her hair with a purple dye.


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