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7 Jan 2010

Knowing Japanese Seasoning

HOLIDAY this time why not try to experiment with dishes from the land of the Rising Sun. But before you take the pan and other cooking utensils to prepare, you should refer to the information below to see more of the spices from these Japanese.


Nori, a popular grass processed. Nori shaped like a thin sheet of green paper and black. Lebaran size nori is a large and small. To keep it simple, stay put in a dry place. Nori is useful for wrapping sushi and a sprinkling of warm rice. Spicy taste when eating sushi or sashimi, Derived from cocolan wasabi.


There are three types of wasabi, which is a direct fresh wasabi grated from vegetables and ready to eat. There is also a form of wasabi paste in a tube packaging, there is also wasabi powder. Well, Wasabi powder is the most "sharp" among other types. Then there Japanese rice vinegar, This is a rice vinegar that tastes light and delicious. Vinegar can be used as a mixture of rice to make sushi.


Wakame, a type of seaweed that looks like dried tea leaves and black. How to cultivate it, brewed with hot water, or directly enter into boiling water. Cook for five minutes until soft. Do not get too ripe. It's use for cooking soup and a mixed salad.

Bonito Flake

Bonito Flake, Commonly referred to katsurobushi derived from bonito fish, mackerel fish popular in Japan. This fish-shaped dried up like wood, and then shaved. It's a bit salty. Use as a mixture to make gravy dashi and a sprinkling of cooking, such as agedashi tofu and Takoyaki.


Miso is a fermented product from soybean that tastes salty, color and taste similar to taoco. Only smooth texture similar to butter. Color darkening miso, it's getting stronger. Ordinary miso sold in package vacuum plastic and in the refrigerator. Keguanaannya as the main ingredient miso soup. Could also salad dressing. Mix the miso with olive oil, ginger, and garlic.


Japan has a type of alcoholic beverages other than sake, which is mirin. Made from rice, a clear yellow like vegetable oil, slightly thicker consistency than sake. Sweet taste of Japanese cuisine.



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