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7 Jan 2010

This Healthy Snacks for Men

EXCEPT indulge tongue, a snack or light meal to the menu just to keep their hunger until a time until the next mealtime. Moreover, for those who like to snack, snack snacked activity can be done anytime and anywhere.
Even so, many people choose to keep their hunger by eating snacks full of sugar, fat, and materials other unhealthy. In fact, snacks do not solely to gain weight, there is also a decent healthy snacks you consume.
This snacking habits make the market more lively snack foods. Only, the adam tend not to have much time to choose a healthy snack.
Answering these problems, now there are some snacks that are not only nutritious, but also good for consumption. Therefore, Carefair reviewing the list of healthy snacks men, among them:


Tuna is a simple menu that can dikreasikan a healthy snack with a delicious taste. Snacks this one certainly will not hurt you in the future. Because fat-free tuna, low-calorie, but it has a high protein content so it is good for the body.
No wonder that many men choose sandwiches tuna, if hunger arrived. However, you should not spread cream mayo too much on sandwiches tuna you're ready to eat. Because the fat may reduce the mayo in the tuna healthful ingredients.

Egg white

Egg white is one of the favorite menu adam, especially sports fans. Ingredients contained in the egg whites classified as fat free, low in calories, and also free of cholesterol.
Just take a few minutes to prepare this healthy snack. However, if you have not been eating egg whites separately, then you can add other menus. You can mix it with herbs or greens to add to this menu so feel good.

Fruit and cheese cottage

No doubt, the fruit is a healthy snack that comes with different variants of taste. We alighted hunger, you can create their own healthy snack menu.
By combining the fruit and cheese cottage (a type of processed cheese without maturation). This cheese low fat, snack time so that the menu is rich in protein.

Peanut butter and sliced banana

Other light snack menu is usually consume the male is the bread with peanut butter. It would be better if you make yourself at home. But if you do not have time, you can buy peanut butter low-fat to be free of fat deposits.
For maximum results, you can enjoy a sandwich with peanut butter or can add some sliced banana in it. Granted, this one snack quickly filling your stomach.
Good luck!


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