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7 Jan 2010

Vegetable meal, Bad Mood Lost!

What you eat the activities related to neurotransmitters, the chemicals that convey information from one neuron to another neuron. All the performance of these chemicals also affect mood anyone.

Research that was launched MSN reported that there is a relationship between foods with mood anyone. Attachment can be seen from the content of various vitamins in the vegetables that can change the chemicals in the brain.

So, what foods should be eaten when bad moods attack? Several studies have shown, people who have low levels of folic acid in their blood had higher levels of depression.

When hit by depression to lead to depression, you should consume folic acid-based foods. Consumption of vitamin B-6, B-12, and folic acid is a solution to reduce bad moods. Folate-rich foods can be found naturally in foods such as vegetables, green vegetables, soybeans, tubers, oranges, and sunflower seeds.

If lazy eating all these foods, you can anticipate it by drinking a multivitamin that contains 400 micrograms of folic acid. As a result, the body needs folic acid can be provided for. Feelings of depression that was struck was a gradual decrease


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