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7 Jan 2010

It is man hated

EVEN happy to be near the heart idol, in fact not all men like to hear a series of your sentence. In fact, sometimes they hate some things that you say, start a topic about a former lover to weight loss.
The man agreed to close the ears and not hear this noise out of your mouth. Want to know what sentence he hated? Following leaks recorded SheKnowsIncluding:

"Ex-lover is always ..."

Talks about ex-lovers become one of the topics most hated man. When you are enjoying a date with someone new, it's good if your date does not need to hear the conversation that smells a former lover.
This is without making you aware of wounded and sick of being at your side. For that should not have said "The former girlfriend is always ...". They will also tend to think, if the former had nothing to do with them, why should be discussed? Many also argue now you should focus on him and no longer on the former.

"Did I look fat?"

One of the questions also hate the man of her mouth is, "Do I look fat?". It would be better if you do not have to ask because you may be uncomfortable to hear.
There was little debate that ends with. But without wanting to hurt the couple, many men who want to give an honest assessment.
So, rather than their intention to say you're fat, it's just your body shape have been different. To avoid arguments, many of which remain silent and not answer or change the subject.

Fishing praise

As with the idol's heart, the women often talk about their accomplishments and proud . This was none other than to fish for compliments out of your mouth.
Many men who at first did not understand the purpose and objectives of the couple talking about it. But eventually they realized that the women wanted their partners to say how great they are. And the nature of this proud to be one thing men hated.


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