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7 Jan 2010

Unique accessories from Lego

VIVAnews - Lego for only shaped like a building or vehicle, and often played the children alone. Also turns out, Lego also be formed into beautiful accessories and unique enough. This was done by two brothers, Demetris (Dee) and Ricardo (Ricky) Jackson (23 years) who came from Staten Island, United States.

They make a Lego-shaped ties, brooches and belt colors with a very unique creation. Accessories made from Lego, they more interested adults than children.

In fact, Kanye West and Rihanna have used Lego accessories by Dee and Ricky. More great again, accessories made of two twin brothers has also appeared in the Marc Jacobs fashion show in the spring 2008 collection.

West loved the heart-shaped brooch in red are worth U.S. $ 50. Brooch is made of 16 pieces of Lego and a few joints. While yellow belt light is worth $ 75, a Marc Jacobs fashion show in the spring of 2008, looked more lively.

"I feel so overwhelmed by the orders," said Ricky Jackson, as quoted by NY vivanews Daily, January 6, 2010.



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