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12 Jan 2010

What to Do If the Child Seizures

If a baby or young child's fever, the child have a febrile seizure. This type of seizure does not mean the child has epilepsy or brain damage. These seizures are usually not serious and will usually be good by itself. Here are suggestions from the Nemours Foundation about how to handle children febrile seizure:

•Put the child in a safe place, in the soft area to protect the head.

•Lay the child's side to prevent choking.

•Make sure your child breathe better and not change the color of the face. If the child was blue or other colors, or convulsions lasting more than 10 minutes, the child into an emergency medic.

•Call your pediatrician for an evaluation after the seizure ended

During the seizure the child:

•Do not carry a child down or try to arrest him.
•Do not insert anything into the mouth of the child.
•Do not put children into the water to reduce fever.


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