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9 Jan 2010

Foot Body Language Secret

Actually foot language can reveal something, but we must be able to read that language. Is someone lying, attracted to you, or nervous? According to the experts that we can know from food language.

Since long experts say the body language, eye contact or lack of eye contact, along with his nervous, can talk a lot about what the thinking person. But who would suspect the foot can express feelings or thoughts, too.

Language can reveal the secret legs a lot about our personality, what is the thinking of people who were talking and even their emotional state. British psychologist said, Geoffrey Beattie. Here's what's the legs say about you and other people according to research Beattie:

•If you like someone and laughing, your feet will move away from the body and you will appear with an open leg posture.

•You may not be attracted to someone if your feet crossed, or at the bend in the body.

•People who lie are likely to keep his feet still in motienless to try to divert people from the lied.

•Nervous men often increase his leg actifity.


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