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-Dale Turner-

9 Jan 2010

Water Therapy

The water was very good for therapy, but can make us relax body of water can also refresh our bodies. In the midst of our business, we are often trapped in the boredom and bad moods, to refresh ourselves try light therapy with water.
Here are some of the benefits of water therapy:

•Eliminate Pain Anxiety

Lots of things that often make us tense, the demands of work or family problems often make us tense. Of course, very disturbing our creativity to work. But do not be worried, try water therapy tricks that can make us calm.

The way is easy enough warm water to fill the bottle a small drain hole in the sink slowly Squirt water on the face. Sensations such as this waterfall can slow down activity in the hippocampus of the brain, the part responsible for storing memories that make it too stress.Except physical effects, stimulating water movement of touch receptors in the skin that can trigger the release of muscle tension.

•Relieves Stress

Fatigue or intensive activity often causes us stress, to ease there is one simple way is with a mini fountain. Gentle sound of water flow can prove a direct lowering hormone cortisol by up to 30%. No need to search for water mat during stress. You just put a mini fountain at the table, put in a place where stress is likely going to increase your immunity against small disturbances of life.

•Releasing Toxins

If you often simultaneous tasks at one time, you may be happy to soak the seaweed efficacious enhance immunity and restore the skin glow. This efficacy of phytochemicals derived from seaweed which helps remove fat and toxins hidden. How to take 2 tablespoons of seaweed in dry, wrapped in cheesecloth and tie with a ribbon tied to the faucet so the water flow when you fill the tub. Then relax for 20 minutes.


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